To our loyal customers & consignors, 

The safety of staff & everyone around us is our top priority. We have taken every precaution possible as we prepare to open our doors. We are eager to see you all once again, however, there are new measures implemented to protect your well-being that we thought you should know. 




All customers, consignors, and employees are required to wear a mask in the store.

Shoppers, consignors, and employees must try and maintain a 6-foot distance from each other while in the store to practice social distancing. 

When shopping in store, customers can expect to see informative COVID-19 signs posted as well as a convenient sanitation station. We have traffic flow arrows & marked spots to indicate social distancing when checking out. 


Consignors can still make appointments via the "book appointment" tab above. Due to the amount of people we can have in the store at one time, this does mean we have to limit the number of appointments we allow. To ensure the complete elimination of the potential virus, we will not look through items until they have reached the sit time of 24 hours.


Orders are prepped in a clean location separate from our store front. All orders are packed by an employee wearing a mask. The same precautions are used for personal shopping bags. 

We want to make sure all of our #Drifters feel comfortable & safe while visiting the store. 

If you have any questions on our procedures, please do not hesitate to ask. You can call the store at any time and ask to speak to our appointed safety officer, Lucia. 

This time has been uncertain, but we have done everything possible to remain as your favorite place to shop sustainably. 


Lots of light, 

DC Team

Hip Hop Fashion